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Chess Club

Chess club began again this week, with a bumper turn out of children. The range of ability was great – some children are already accomplished players while others are complete beginners. It was lovely to see so many new faces. Research has proven that chess offers children great benefits. An American study showed that chess helps to improve the academic performance of many children.   It also encourages problem-solving, sportsmanship and self-esteem, often allowing quieter children an opportunity to shine. It’s great for children’s concentration and patience – a real antidote to spending time on-line.

Chess club takes place with Mr O’Rourke in Upper IV from 8am each Wednesday morning.

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You Choose Winners – 22.09.17

This week’s winner is the Red team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Joshua Denton

You Choose Winners:


LI – Olivia Pitchforth

FI – Simran Shergill (10)

FII – Hettie Smith (9)

FIII – Thomas Spencer (13)

LIV – Danny-Lee Mitchell-Brunt, Siya Jagota (10)

MIV – Ranulph Hawes (8)

UIV – Henry Hirst (14)

Perseverance People:

LI – Baqir Naqvi

FI – Lottie Chhabra

FII – Philippa Gartland-Wood

FIII – Stanley Wheeler

LIV – Savannah Wheelwright

MIV – Muhammad Chishti

UIV – Benjamin Humphreys

Musician of the Week:

Harry Jagger

English Champion of the Week:

Emily Schofield


Kindness Cup:

Murray Wood


We Knew You Could Do It:

Nimra Hanif

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Form 2 French – Have-a-go heroes

Form 2 children are enjoying their first French lessons. They know that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes when you are learning foreign languages, and they are getting used to taking a risk and being ‘have a go’ heroes!


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You Choose Winners – 14.9.17

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Elias Ihsan

You Choose Winners:

LI – Louis Hallam

FI – Cooper Smith (15)

FII – Shreya Bhan-Mistry (16)

FIII – Tristan Beaumont (12)

LIV – Alice Summerskill (12)

MIV – Isabelle Hancox (5)

UIV – Grace Gan (14)

Perseverance People:

LI – Ellie Smith

FI – Aiela Ihsan

FII – Edward Lee

FIII – Claudia Grogan

LIV – Autumn Hitchen

MIV – Yashvi Bhan-Mistry

UIV – Safah Sarwar

Musician of the Week:

Autumn Hitchen

English Champions of the Week:

Toby Egan-Brook

Sports Person of the Week:

Jenson Highley-Hammond

Kindness Cup:

Mr Highley-Hammond

Well Done Award:

Charlotte Davies

We Knew You Could Do It:

Lottie Spencer


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Leavers’ Service 2017

On Thursday we said goodbye to our current Upper IV children at St Jude’s church.  It was a beautiful service of memories and music which gave the children the chance to bid farewell to their buddies.  After the service they returned to school with their families for a party with traditional last-day activities such as sliding (safely!) down the bannister and meeting the Gleddings ghost in the cellar!

First part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
Just a Single Voice
The Me Me You You Song
Build it High

Second part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
True Colours

Third part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
Follow Your Dreams
Try Your Best

Fourth part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
When You Believe
Go The Distance
O’er the Sea to Skye

Fifth part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
You Raise Me Up

Further photographs can be seen here.

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Junior Language Challenge

Many congratulations to the six pupils in Lower IV who have made it through to the regional semi-final stage of the national primary language competition, the Junior Language Challenge.

The children notched up high scores as they played computer games in French in the first round of the competition. The language now changes, and the children will have to draw on all their skills of perseverance as they try to get to grips with vocabulary and phrases in Japanese.

We wish them the very best of luck as they prepare for the semi- final in October.


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You Choose Winners – 11.07.17

This week’s winner is the Green team.

This year’s winner is the Blue team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Dougal Greenhalgh-Brook

You Choose Winners:

LI – Pranav Chandramouli

FI – Ethan Murphy (6)

FII – Claudia Grogan (5)

FIII – Annabel Smith (11)

LIV – Olivia Falkingbridge (9), Charlotte Davies (14)

MIV – Shriya Sharma (14)

UIV – Claudia O’Connor (8)

Perseverance People:

LI – Lottie Spencer

FI – Saskia Halliday

FII – Aadarsh Dinesh

FIII – Hartley Earl

LIV – Louis Noel

MIV – Zainab Chaudhry

UIV – Ava Hickman

Musician of the Week:

Evie Marsden

English Champions of the Week:

Hartley Earl and Danny-Lee Mitchell-Brunt

Sports Person of the Week:

Madeline Grogan

Kindness Cup:

Isabella Smith, Molly Smith, Hettie Smith and Sophie Spencer

We Knew You Could Do It:

Laurence Trevor

Top Teams:

Gymnastics Team and Tennis team

School Council Award:

Liberty Highley-Hammond

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PC Bob Brown Visit

This week, former PC Bob Brown visited Form III.

We heard about how the Metropolitan Police has changed during his long service. We looked at some of the old equipment that the police used to use and we saw some of the special medals he has been awarded. We also heard some of the funny stories about things that happen to police officers!

We had a great afternoon together!

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You Choose Winners – 06.07.17

This week’s winner is the Blue team.

Nursery People of the Week:

Oliver Spencer & Anvi Sharma

You Choose Winners:

LI – Imogen Ayre

FI – Hettie Smith (10)

FII – Molly Smith (13)

FIII – Sebastian Lavery (12)

LIV – Charlotte Davies (14)

MIV – Mehdi Hassnain (14)

UIV – Grace Chippendale (8)

Perseverance People:

LI – Layaan Fazlee

FI – Harry Jagger

FII – Isabella Smith

FIII – Savannah Wheelwright

LIV – Kitty O’Connor

MIV – Henry Hirst

UIV – Jessica Fleming

Musician of the Week:

Jessica Fleming

English Champion of the Week:

William Horsfall

Kindness Cup:

Kyle Skelton

We Knew You Could Do It:

Ava Hickman

Top Team:

Netball Team and Middle IV

School Council Award:

Edward Steele

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Heckmondwike Grammar School Visit

MIV children and a Form III pupil, Hartley Earl,  embraced a wonderful opportunity on Wednesday morning when they were invited to spend time with a special visitor to the Design Technology department at Heckmondwike Grammar School.

Airlangga Gunawan, a former pupil at Heckmondwike who now works as a mechanical engineer with Dyson at their headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, spoke to the MIV children about what it takes to become a design engineer.

Mr Gunawan, still only 23 years old, encouraged The Gleddings’ pupils to ‘be curious about the things around you. Make stuff. Take things apart and make them better. Keep on trying. Always know that things can be better if you keep on trying.’

Many thanks to Mrs Kitson and Mr Longridge, Heckmondwike’s Head of Design Technology for enabling such a powerful and inspiring experience.




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