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A Woodland Christmas Poem

This lovely poem about Winter has been written by one of our Lower IV children.

A Woodland Christmas

Bulbs and flowers are descending.

The year is slowly surrendering,

Some forest animals sleep and coil

While others to find food toil.


Breezes swirl,

Dormice curl.


Some creatures change their coat to white

To celebrate Christmas during the night.

Robins hop, tree-to-tree

Whilst whistling their tune happily.


Soon the skies become clearer

Spring starts to stalk nearer

And soon flowers ascend

Winter comes to an end.


All the animals awake,

The icy dressing of the lake.

All the animals cheer and smile

‘Til next winter- it will be a while!


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Christmas Carol Concert

Our carol concert this year took place at St. Jude’s church. We were treated to a lovely evening of music and readings before Upper and Middle IV headed back to school with their families for some lighter entertainment.

Videos of the evening follow:

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Carol Singing at Lloyds Banking Group Head Office

On Thursday 14th December, a group of Upper and Middle IV children headed down the hill to Copley Data Centre to sing for the staff of Lloyds Bank. Teaming up with the musical talent of Ravenscliffe School, the children performed a number of Christmas favourites.   Our children then went on to a second performance in the Trinity Road Head Office building.

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Carol Singing at Ing Royde

On Thursday the Upper School Choir visited our neighbours at Ing Royde residential home.  The children sang a variety of Christmas carols with the residents and greatly enjoyed chatting to them afterwards.

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Excited and enthusiastic Nursery and Lower I children loved every minute of their end of term visit to Eureka! We managed to visit lots of different areas of the museum and our teachers were extremely proud of our behaviour and our interest in exploring and learning.

It’s hard work being employed by the Royal Mail!

In the dentist’s chair “open wide”








‘How healthy are your teeth?’










Looking at our skeletons as we learn about healthy bodies










Mechanics hard at work

Healthy shopping!

Meeting Father Christmas at the end of a perfect day for perfectly behaved Nursery and Lower I children.


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Lower School Nativity

Year 1 children entertained their audiences with amazing performances of ‘The Bossy King’ this week.

The story tells of  a bossy king’s journey to Bethlehem to meet a new and very special king.

The performers were ably assisted in their singing by the Nursery and Lower I children.

More photos can be seen here.

The first part of the play can be seen here:

The second part of the play can be seen here:

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You Choose Winners – 30.11.17

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Charlotte Smith

You Choose Winners :

LI – Anvi Sharma

FI – Sonam Shergill (9)

FII – Arjun Jagota (13)

FIII – Aadarsh Dinesh (12)

LIV – Frederick Denton (9)

MIV – Olivia Falkingbridge (10)

UIV – Ophelia Byrne (11)

Perseverance People:

LI – Monty Smith

FI – Thomas Clegg

FII – Anais Ralphs

FIII – Ayaan Akram

LIV – Brooke Cornell

MIV – Arjan Gabbi

UIV – Luke Ackroyd

Music Person of the Week:

Neel Nair


English Champion of the Week:

Aadam Ayoub




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Vikings for a day!

Lower IV travelled to Murton Park in York to spend the day living life as new Viking settlers. On arrival, the children (and teachers) were given period costumes to wear and went into role as different members of Viking families. The teachers were given the role of slaves, while the children were the Viking settlers aiming to find work and safety in the Lord’s village. Unfortunately, one of the slaves was badly behaved and ended up in the stocks and received a soaking with water as a punishment!

During the day, the children learned how to guard the village, grind wheat to make flour, collect firewood, and how to make pottery lights. They also successfully defended the village when a Saxon tried to invade. A fantastic time was had by all.

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You Choose Winners – 23.11.17

This week’s winner is the Green team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Louis Horsfall

You Choose Winners :

LI – Sofia Swales

FI – Georgia Wheelwright (6)

FII – Ethan Murphy (8)

FIII – Aadam Ayoub (12)

LIV – Savannah Wheelwright (11)

MIV – Ranulph Hawes (9)

UIV – Shriya Sharma (15) BANKING – Zainab Chaudhry (18)

Perseverance People:

LI – Matthew Pye

FI – Alex Murphy

FII – Hettie Smith

FIII – Habiba Chishti

LIV – Rocco Hirst

MIV – Kaif Mahmood

UIV – Zainab Chaudhry

Music Person of the Week:

Bart Pedley

Sports Person of the Week:

Shriya Sharma

English Champion of the Week:

Edward Cockroft

Kindness Cup:

Hettie Smith

Top Team:

Upper IV

School Council Award:

Claudia Grogan

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You Choose Winners – 16.11.17

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Sebastian Stanger

You Choose Winners :

LI – Elizabeth Severn

FI – Lottie Spencer (10)

FII – Rafferty Earl (9)

FIII – Felicity Norton (11)

LIV – Beatrice Pedley (10)

MIV – Jai Thorne (7)

UIV – Grace Gan (13)

Perseverance People:

LI – Hettie Moreton-Deakin

FI – Oliver Woodhouse

FII – Joshua E Glynne

FIII – Philippa Murphy

LIV – Alice Summerskill

MIV – Louis Noel

UIV – Olivia Ackroyd

Musician of the Week:

Shreya Bhan-Mistry

Sports Person of the Week:

Connie Slater

English Champion of the Week:

Anais Iannou-Ralphs

Kindness Cup:

Ophelia Byrne

Top Teams:

Upper IV Netball teams and Form I

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