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Form I Art

The children had time to focus quietly while drawing the Buddha sculpture at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, what amazing drawings!

We used clay to make our Anthony Gormley “One and Other” sculptures in class. The children were then able to see the actual sculpture at the sculpture park, they were surprised at how big it really was.

Sculpture Park Visit

Form I had a fabulous day at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We explored many new sculptures and even tried to become one!

The children had an opportunity to sketch an amazing Buddha made out of mosaic and glass.

Look at these fabulous pieces of work.




A cool, quiet place to sit and reflect.






Lunch was very exciting as we had a few extra guests to join us which drove us all ‘quackers!’


During their art lessons the children have made clay sculptures of ‘One and Other’ by Anthony Gormley. They were very excited to see the actual sculpture in situ.

African Masks

Lower IV have been studying the relevance of the mask in African culture. Some creative mask designs have been drawn in ink and the children are now decorating masks using natural produce.

Learning about Kandinsky in Art.

Form II have used Wassily Kandinsky as inspiration in their “Colour, Line and Texture” topic. The children have worked individually from a section of the picture, when finished they were put together as a group composition.

Innovative design in FI for Mothers’ Day!

Form I designed and developed their own ideas for Mothers’ Day cards. They each thought carefully about what their mummy would like and produced an individual design. They went on to develop their cards, choosing suitable colours of card and different textures of fabric and thread. I’m sure that there were some delighted and proud mothers on Sunday!

Cliffe Castle Art Trip

Whilst following Alice through Wonderland at Cliffe Castle, Keighley, there were lots of opportunities for the children to gain new ideas for their current Art project of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Prehistoric bones, wonderful crystals and some really interesting objects were seen.

The children focused upon some really beautiful stained glass windows to produce sketches and it was a privilege to be able to see stained glass so close.

A really enjoyable day, what a super experience!

Wow! History Day 2016

This year’s day focused on the Stone Age. We were very lucky to be joined by Ian Morris from Portals to the Past who worked with the Upper School children through the day in a variety of fascinating workshops and hands-on activities.  Lower School were visited in their classes by Elaine Beech who told the children all about some of the local evidence of stone age peoples.  Mrs Warwick led Neolithic drumming workshops in the willow structure and Mrs McHugh helped the younger children play stone age-themed games.  Cave paintings were drawn (though not on the walls thankfully!) and ‘bone’ necklaces were crafted. All of Chef Lizzie’s food for the day had a Stone Age Twist!

The children all completed a piece of writing about their own Stone Age man, drawing on what they had learned in the day to help them. Many thanks to everyone who brought in huge numbers of cardboard boxes – these were repurposed as our very own Stonehenge!  After having our photo taken inside, the ‘stones’ were used to make hiding places by the children to shelter from a pair of rampaging mammoths! All the costumes worn by children and staff looked amazing and added to a truly memorable day of learning.



Illustrating a familiar tale

The children have been using their art and computing skills to illustrate their own version of the well-known story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  They created their illustrations on the computers before combining them with clip-art and shapes in PowerPoint to make their own ebooks.  Some of their brilliant creations can be seen below.

Wow! Art and Enterprise Day

As part of My Money week, children from all classes were involved in a day of creative crafting, which culminated in an art sale to family and friends.

Each class created several different items for sale, and the children used their maths skills to calculate what a fair price for each would be, taking into account that materials needed to be paid for, but a profit still needed to be made.  Father’s Day gifts featured on several stalls, as well as homemade bath salts, fridge magnets, garden mobiles and much, much more! One very talented Form 3 girl had a whole stall to her self selling prints of her amazing watercolours!  Musical accompaniment to the sale was provided by our brilliant Middle IV harpist.

Visitors were also invited to the Art and DT rooms to see some of the wonderful work upper school have been doing in Art, Pottery and Textiles lessons.

All profits are to be donated to our chosen charity Blind Children UK and the blog will be updated with a total when all the funds raised have been added together.

More photographs from the day can be found here.


Claudia in Middle IV wrote this lovely poem for the day:


Eyes are for seeing things you might not believe.

Eyes are for seeing your life in front of you,

They communicate with the world.

Eyes are for seeing unbelievable things.


Eyes help you live,

Eyes help you learn.

The world would be nothing without eyes.

Eyes help you believe everything’s alright.


Eyes are for loving,

We take advantage.

Some people’s eyes aren’t for seeing,

It’s something they can only imagine.

Eyes we should love and take care of,

Because eyes are for seeing things you might not believe.


A Magna-ficent Day!

This year’s Wow! History day focused on the Magna Carta – the events leading to its creation, and how it has impacted democracy and human rights around the world today.  Children and staff dressed as knights, peasants and princesses and enjoyed a fun-packed day of learning.

The bad weather kindly held off which meant that the majority of the lessons took place outdoors, with the help of the fantastic Knights in Battle Medieval Society.  They demonstrated weaponry, taught all the children to sword-fight, and acted out the events leading up to the battle of Lincoln.

As well as learning about the history of the Magna Carta, the children worked on their own shield designs, which contained images relevant to themselves and a motto.  They also came up with ideas for what should go into the Gleddings Carta.

The day finished with the children of Middle and Upper IV helping the actors in a recreation of the battle itself, cheered on by the rest of school.

More photographs from the day can be found here.

Video highlights from the battle can be found here.

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