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Future Forecasters?

In Form I, Geography lessons cover the countries of the United Kingdom and the weather among other things. This week the two topics combined as the children became weather presenters.  Working in pairs they were given a data sheet with weather conditions for the different countries of the UK.  They then plotted the appropriate weather symbols on to maps on the Fizzbooks before presenting their forecast to the class on the whiteboard.

Middle IV Advertisers

Middle IV have been looking at what makes an effective advertisement before creating their own.


They first came up with ideas which they expanded with Mind Mapping software.




They then storyboarded their advert before creating it as a video with music and special effects.



The finished advert can be see here.

Teaching computers to draw

Form I have taken their first steps into writing algorithms, using a software package to build up sets of instructions to draw simple shapes.  They were able to see the benefit of clicking one button to draw a square automatically, rather than having to key in the instructions anew each time.  They soon progressed to combining these recurring shapes into eye-catching patterns!


Photographing Autumn

The warm autumn sunshine provided a riot of colour as Lower I set out to search for signs of the changing season.

img_1889-683x1024 img_1909-1024x683






Our budding photographers were equipped to take pictures of their findings…

Some of our snaps were spot on…

…whereas others were just…not yet!




Stone Age Writing

Form III enjoyed the WOW History Stone Age day so much, we made an information text in English. The children carried out their own research and used their learning from the day to help them. They used ICT to create their work and showed originality in making their choices of images in their piece.


Charting the weather

We have been studying weather data and looking how to present it in a more visual format.  We took a table of data about a given year’s weather and used a spreadsheet to create bar graphs.  We then presented them in a slideshow with hyperlinked menus.

2003 -2 2003

Composing collaboratively

Upper IV were collaborating on their ‘Journey into Space’ compositions. They used sequencing software on the Fizzbooks to explore sounds and create wonderfully descriptive soundscapes.

Illustrating a familiar tale

The children have been using their art and computing skills to illustrate their own version of the well-known story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  They created their illustrations on the computers before combining them with clip-art and shapes in PowerPoint to make their own ebooks.  Some of their brilliant creations can be seen below.

I say, I say, I say!

We have been learning how to create 3-panel comic strips in Form 3.  Mr Warwick’s seemingly endless supply of quality jokes was nearly exhausted as the children created their strips, using well-selected images from a variety of sources.  Some examples of their work can be seen below.

cartoon1 cartoon2 cartoon3

An Enigmatic Mathematical Day!

Tuesday 14th October saw the whole school take part in a WOW maths day.  The children learned semaphore and took part in lots of other fun maths-based activities through the course of the day.  Middle and Upper IV were joined by James Grime from Cambridge University and enjoyed a number of code-breaking activities with him. Parents were treated to a fantastic talk from James at the end of school where we were lucky to be shown a genuine functioning Enigma machine!


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