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The children are enjoying their cookery lessons. In Form III and LIV they are learning to weigh and measure carefully, basic knife and baking skills and where some foods come from and how they are produced.  In Middle IV and Upper IV these skills are built upon and expanded.

Hedgehog potatoes

Starting to use our knife skills.

Starting to knead.


Our knife skills are improving.

These kebabs look delicious.

Practising our knife skills.








Trying to cut Juilienne.

Making wholemeal bread.

We used our bread to make a healthy lunch.


Heckmondwike Grammar School Visit

MIV children and a Form III pupil, Hartley Earl,  embraced a wonderful opportunity on Wednesday morning when they were invited to spend time with a special visitor to the Design Technology department at Heckmondwike Grammar School.

Airlangga Gunawan, a former pupil at Heckmondwike who now works as a mechanical engineer with Dyson at their headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, spoke to the MIV children about what it takes to become a design engineer.

Mr Gunawan, still only 23 years old, encouraged The Gleddings’ pupils to ‘be curious about the things around you. Make stuff. Take things apart and make them better. Keep on trying. Always know that things can be better if you keep on trying.’

Many thanks to Mrs Kitson and Mr Longridge, Heckmondwike’s Head of Design Technology for enabling such a powerful and inspiring experience.




Sculpture Park Visit

Form I had a fabulous day at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We explored many new sculptures and even tried to become one!

The children had an opportunity to sketch an amazing Buddha made out of mosaic and glass.

Look at these fabulous pieces of work.




A cool, quiet place to sit and reflect.






Lunch was very exciting as we had a few extra guests to join us which drove us all ‘quackers!’


During their art lessons the children have made clay sculptures of ‘One and Other’ by Anthony Gormley. They were very excited to see the actual sculpture in situ.

Wacky Racers

It was time to test drive UIV’s finished Wacky Races cars! Nursery and Form III children were great spectators and cheered the racers on enthusiastically

Innovative design in FI for Mothers’ Day!

Form I designed and developed their own ideas for Mothers’ Day cards. They each thought carefully about what their mummy would like and produced an individual design. They went on to develop their cards, choosing suitable colours of card and different textures of fabric and thread. I’m sure that there were some delighted and proud mothers on Sunday!

Lower IV Storytime Buffets

Lower IV have thoroughly enjoyed creating their Storytime buffets in Design Technology. The children have worked collaboratively and some have shown great perseverance. Trying to ensure accurate measuring and straight cutting has proved to be tricky. Super work Lower IV!



Insect Hotels Form III

Form III have been extremely busy in Design Technology. They have created beautiful hotels for the insects. The children have considered what the insects would like to live in before collecting items to fill their hotels. We will be placing them around the school grounds to help develop our children’s learning.


Nursery Chinese New Year

Nursery children are developing their fine motor skills through the Physical Development Programme of Learning.

Chinese New Year activities gave lots of opportunities to practise these skills:

Cutting and threading to make Chinese lanterns

The finished result!

Yummy Chinese food – Tricky chopsticks!



In cookery the children have been working on improving knife skills. Beginning by simply using bridge and claw techniques to halve and quarter food.








Then moving on to slicing and dicing with the pieces getter smaller and finer as the children’s skills improve.

Finally the children can put both skills together and prepare onions.


We’ve made salads, soups, curries and even panda risotto!

We’ve also been putting our measuring skills to good use making a selection of breads, pastries, biscuits and cakes.

3041, 3091, 3300, 3659, 3690, 3686, 3652

Insect Hotel Construction

Form III are nearing the end of their project. The insect hotels are taking shape ready to be filled with their cosy interiors. The children have shown that with perseverance, focus and collaboration new concepts can be developed into  reality.

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