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Form I Science

We have been busy comparing our bodies and investigating our senses.








By making careful observations and comparisons, we found out that brown was the most common hair colour whilst red was the least common. Green was the least common eye colour whilst brown was the most common.  We found that the tallest child also had the largest hands!

We used two pencils to investigate why two eyes are better than one.

This task was definitely easier with both eyes open!








We heard plenty of different sounds on our sound walk around the school grounds. We tried to predict what types of vehicles were moving past school from the sounds they made.

The children had fun completing the taste challenge! Syrup, honey, milk and crisps were popular but marmite and mustard less so.


An Important Visitor

We were very lucky to have a return visit from Glenda Shaw, the great niece of Percy who is the famous inventor of cats’ eyes.







We learned all about cats’ eyes and Glenda showed us how the eyes ‘blink’ to keep them clean.







We learned how they are made and we were surprised at how small they looked when not in their casing. The first ‘eye’ is an original ‘cats’ eye’. Over the years they have improved and are now made of glass and plastic.

I spy with my little eye….

Percy was awarded an OBE for services to exports in 1965. His world famous invention has inspired this little boy to receive his very own OBE one day in the future.

Form I Art

The children had time to focus quietly while drawing the Buddha sculpture at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, what amazing drawings!

We used clay to make our Anthony Gormley “One and Other” sculptures in class. The children were then able to see the actual sculpture at the sculpture park, they were surprised at how big it really was.

Sculpture Park Visit

Form I had a fabulous day at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We explored many new sculptures and even tried to become one!

The children had an opportunity to sketch an amazing Buddha made out of mosaic and glass.

Look at these fabulous pieces of work.




A cool, quiet place to sit and reflect.






Lunch was very exciting as we had a few extra guests to join us which drove us all ‘quackers!’


During their art lessons the children have made clay sculptures of ‘One and Other’ by Anthony Gormley. They were very excited to see the actual sculpture in situ.

Future Forecasters?

In Form I, Geography lessons cover the countries of the United Kingdom and the weather among other things. This week the two topics combined as the children became weather presenters.  Working in pairs they were given a data sheet with weather conditions for the different countries of the UK.  They then plotted the appropriate weather symbols on to maps on the Fizzbooks before presenting their forecast to the class on the whiteboard.

Innovative design in FI for Mothers’ Day!

Form I designed and developed their own ideas for Mothers’ Day cards. They each thought carefully about what their mummy would like and produced an individual design. They went on to develop their cards, choosing suitable colours of card and different textures of fabric and thread. I’m sure that there were some delighted and proud mothers on Sunday!

Form I Science

In Science, Form I have been learning about their five senses and how they help us to find out about the world around us. The children have explored each of their senses and answered a variety of science questions.

Having fun learning about the names for our body parts and the senses associated with them.

This smells quite nice.

Not so nice!

We were surprised by how sensitive our feet were. We were able to guess what was hidden in the bowls just by using our feet.

Tasting teamwork!

Some of the ingredients were popular but some less so!

In the story of The Princess and the Pea the princess could feel the hidden pea through twenty mattresses and duvets. We investigated how many layers of fabric it took to stop us feeling the pea.

Working together to solve the problem.

Lower School Nativity

Year 1 children entertained their audiences with amazing performances of ‘Shine Star, Shine’ this week.

The story tells of how the big star loses his ability to shine, at an extremely crucial historical moment!

The performers were ably assisted in their singing by the Nursery and Lower I children.

More photos from rehearsals can be seen here.

The first part of the play can be seen here.

The second part of the play can be seen here.

Teaching computers to draw

Form I have taken their first steps into writing algorithms, using a software package to build up sets of instructions to draw simple shapes.  They were able to see the benefit of clicking one button to draw a square automatically, rather than having to key in the instructions anew each time.  They soon progressed to combining these recurring shapes into eye-catching patterns!


Form I Brass Demonstration

Form I were treated to a brass demonstration by our specialist, Mr Wilson. The children explored each of the different types of brass instruments and even had a try! We look forward to having some of our Year 1 children going on to learn to play brass instruments very soon!

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