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Form II Science

We have been learning about and investigating habitats. We were able to take advantage of good weather to investigate our pond, flower bed and woodpile habitats.

What can we find?

Recording our observations.

Florence Nightingale Workshop

FII went to Thackray Medical Museum to take part in a workshop all about Florence Nightingale. They travelled back in time to work in Florence Nightingale’s hospital in Scutari. They learnt all about the life of Florence Nightingale, why she is so important to the history of nursing and what hospitals were like before her. They had fun sorting objects that may have been found in hospitals before and after her intervention; some smelled rather unpleasant!



Form 2 French – Have-a-go heroes

Form 2 children are enjoying their first French lessons. They know that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes when you are learning foreign languages, and they are getting used to taking a risk and being ‘have a go’ heroes!


Murton Park Visit

Form II had a fantastic trip to Murton Park this week to learn about Prehistoric times. They learnt about the evolution of human beings through drama and then time travelled through The Stone Age to The Bronze Age. They were then set to work in the Stone Age village where they learnt to hunt, make beaker pots, grind flour and work the land. They were also very lucky to hold a real Stone Age hand axe which was 300,000 years old!


Learning about Kandinsky in Art.

Form II have used Wassily Kandinsky as inspiration in their “Colour, Line and Texture” topic. The children have worked individually from a section of the picture, when finished they were put together as a group composition.

Proud Cloud


The children have been thinking all about their achievements since joining Form II. The children felt that they had got better at lots of different things across the curriculum. They wrote their thoughts on a butterfly to show how much they had grown. Their teachers are feeling very proud!

Habitat Investigations

In Form II we have been investigating habitats and finding out how all the plants and animals depend on each other.

We’ve enjoyed using our newly revamped pond and wildlife areas and will be looking to see how the plants and animals in them alter with the changing seasons.


Blueberry Muffins

Form II has been having fun baking blueberry muffins. They practised whisking eggs; combining ingredients and working together to spoon the mixture into muffin cases.


Illustrating a familiar tale

The children have been using their art and computing skills to illustrate their own version of the well-known story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  They created their illustrations on the computers before combining them with clip-art and shapes in PowerPoint to make their own ebooks.  Some of their brilliant creations can be seen below.

Form 2 Maths Investigations

Form 2 have been learning about different ways to represent a number. They used Base Ten equipment, money, place value cards, number lines and bead strings on the Fizz Books to do so.

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