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Bagshaw Museum Trip

This week Form III spent the day learning all about the Ancient Egyptians at Bagshaw museum. They became archaeologists discovering artefacts to identify their owner’s occupation; examined genuine ancient artefacts; took part in a mummification workshop and made their own cartouches on papyrus. They even saw a real mummified hand! All in all it was an action-packed and informative day for both children and staff.


Form III Science

In Form III we have been investigating rocks. Finding out about how different types of rock are made and how rocks are changed and recycled in the rock cycle.  We saw how soil was made from humus and tiny fragments of rock, and planned a soil investigation.

Examining rocks and soil.

We melted different types of chocolate chips to demonstrate igneous rock formation and the children had fun making sedimentary sandwiches!

Each filling represented a different layer in our rock.

Investigating which soil drained the quickest.

Finally we examined some fossils, learned about how fossils can be made and what we can learn from them.




“Bugs in Amber.”




PC Bob Brown Visit

This week, former PC Bob Brown visited Form III.

We heard about how the Metropolitan Police has changed during his long service. We looked at some of the old equipment that the police used to use and we saw some of the special medals he has been awarded. We also heard some of the funny stories about things that happen to police officers!

We had a great afternoon together!

Heckmondwike Grammar School Visit

MIV children and a Form III pupil, Hartley Earl,  embraced a wonderful opportunity on Wednesday morning when they were invited to spend time with a special visitor to the Design Technology department at Heckmondwike Grammar School.

Airlangga Gunawan, a former pupil at Heckmondwike who now works as a mechanical engineer with Dyson at their headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, spoke to the MIV children about what it takes to become a design engineer.

Mr Gunawan, still only 23 years old, encouraged The Gleddings’ pupils to ‘be curious about the things around you. Make stuff. Take things apart and make them better. Keep on trying. Always know that things can be better if you keep on trying.’

Many thanks to Mrs Kitson and Mr Longridge, Heckmondwike’s Head of Design Technology for enabling such a powerful and inspiring experience.




La Semaine de Berthe

On Thursday , Form III children entertained their families with a musical production, entirely in French, entitled ‘La Semaine de Berthe’. It told the story of a very unusual witch with a very busy schedule, including disco dancing and playing rugby!





You can watch the play here.

A musical afternoon with our neighbours

On Thursday a group of children spent a very enjoyable afternoon with our neighbours at Ing Royde.  They performed a number of songs for the residents before joining them for refreshments and a chat.  We are already looking forward to visiting again soon!


Form III Samba

Form III have been learning about the variety of instruments used in samba music.  They played together and brought a little bit of Brazil to Birdcage Lane!

Budding Howard Carters in Form 3

Form 3 are currently learning about the Egyptians in history, and to assist in their studies visited the Bagshaw Museum in Wilton Park, Batley.  Here they:

Took part in a sand tray dig and used the discovered artefacts to identify their owner’s occupation,

Examined some genuine Egyptian artefacts (that the general public don’t have access to!),

Investigated an Egyptian tomb,

Made a cartouche of their names on papyrus,

Took part in a mummification workshop, with none of the gruesome details left out!

The children and staff all came away feeling that they had learned some very interesting things about this ancient time.


More photographs from the trip can be seen here.

Insect Hotels Form III

Form III have been extremely busy in Design Technology. They have created beautiful hotels for the insects. The children have considered what the insects would like to live in before collecting items to fill their hotels. We will be placing them around the school grounds to help develop our children’s learning.


A Roman Visitor in Form III

Form III were visited today by local historian Mrs Elaine Beech.  She brought with her from the Bankfield Museum a replica of a Roman altar unearthed in Norland in the 1500s.  The children learned about Roman settlements near and in Calderdale, including Castleshaw Roman fort near Saddleworth.  Two of the children got to dress up as rich Romans before making an offering to the goddess Vesta.  The children were  fascinated by the altar and all the facts that Mrs Beech taught them.

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