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Vikings for a day!

Lower IV travelled to Murton Park in York to spend the day living life as new Viking settlers. On arrival, the children (and teachers) were given period costumes to wear and went into role as different members of Viking families. The teachers were given the role of slaves, while the children were the Viking settlers aiming to find work and safety in the Lord’s village. Unfortunately, one of the slaves was badly behaved and ended up in the stocks and received a soaking with water as a punishment!

During the day, the children learned how to guard the village, grind wheat to make flour, collect firewood, and how to make pottery lights. They also successfully defended the village when a Saxon tried to invade. A fantastic time was had by all.

Bagshaw Museum Trip

This week Form III spent the day learning all about the Ancient Egyptians at Bagshaw museum. They became archaeologists discovering artefacts to identify their owner’s occupation; examined genuine ancient artefacts; took part in a mummification workshop and made their own cartouches on papyrus. They even saw a real mummified hand! All in all it was an action-packed and informative day for both children and staff.


An Important Visitor

We were very lucky to have a return visit from Glenda Shaw, the great niece of Percy who is the famous inventor of cats’ eyes.







We learned all about cats’ eyes and Glenda showed us how the eyes ‘blink’ to keep them clean.







We learned how they are made and we were surprised at how small they looked when not in their casing. The first ‘eye’ is an original ‘cats’ eye’. Over the years they have improved and are now made of glass and plastic.

I spy with my little eye….

Percy was awarded an OBE for services to exports in 1965. His world famous invention has inspired this little boy to receive his very own OBE one day in the future.

Florence Nightingale Workshop

FII went to Thackray Medical Museum to take part in a workshop all about Florence Nightingale. They travelled back in time to work in Florence Nightingale’s hospital in Scutari. They learnt all about the life of Florence Nightingale, why she is so important to the history of nursing and what hospitals were like before her. They had fun sorting objects that may have been found in hospitals before and after her intervention; some smelled rather unpleasant!



PC Bob Brown Visit

This week, former PC Bob Brown visited Form III.

We heard about how the Metropolitan Police has changed during his long service. We looked at some of the old equipment that the police used to use and we saw some of the special medals he has been awarded. We also heard some of the funny stories about things that happen to police officers!

We had a great afternoon together!

Murton Park Visit

Form II had a fantastic trip to Murton Park this week to learn about Prehistoric times. They learnt about the evolution of human beings through drama and then time travelled through The Stone Age to The Bronze Age. They were then set to work in the Stone Age village where they learnt to hunt, make beaker pots, grind flour and work the land. They were also very lucky to hold a real Stone Age hand axe which was 300,000 years old!


Budding Howard Carters in Form 3

Form 3 are currently learning about the Egyptians in history, and to assist in their studies visited the Bagshaw Museum in Wilton Park, Batley.  Here they:

Took part in a sand tray dig and used the discovered artefacts to identify their owner’s occupation,

Examined some genuine Egyptian artefacts (that the general public don’t have access to!),

Investigated an Egyptian tomb,

Made a cartouche of their names on papyrus,

Took part in a mummification workshop, with none of the gruesome details left out!

The children and staff all came away feeling that they had learned some very interesting things about this ancient time.


More photographs from the trip can be seen here.

A Roman Visitor in Form III

Form III were visited today by local historian Mrs Elaine Beech.  She brought with her from the Bankfield Museum a replica of a Roman altar unearthed in Norland in the 1500s.  The children learned about Roman settlements near and in Calderdale, including Castleshaw Roman fort near Saddleworth.  Two of the children got to dress up as rich Romans before making an offering to the goddess Vesta.  The children were  fascinated by the altar and all the facts that Mrs Beech taught them.

Murton Park Viking Visit

Upper IV took a step back in time last week, as part of their learning about the Vikings. The class visited Murton Park, near York, to immerse themselves in a day of Viking learning and discovery.

The poor teachers were cast in the role of slaves, while the children were the Viking settlers aiming to find work and safety in the Lord’s village.

Throughout the day, the children learned how to make bread and pottery, how to guard the village, collect firewood and tend the Viking garden.

Following a successful defence against the invading Saxon horde, the trip culminated in a Viking banquet, complete with entertainment. One unfortunate slave ended up in the stocks, being soaked with water as punishment for not being sufficiently motivated!

The photographs show the children hard at work, learning everything they needed to know to become successful Vikings!

Stone Age Writing

Form III enjoyed the WOW History Stone Age day so much, we made an information text in English. The children carried out their own research and used their learning from the day to help them. They used ICT to create their work and showed originality in making their choices of images in their piece.


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