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Excited and enthusiastic Nursery and Lower I children loved every minute of their end of term visit to Eureka! We managed to visit lots of different areas of the museum and our teachers were extremely proud of our behaviour and our interest in exploring and learning.

It’s hard work being employed by the Royal Mail!

In the dentist’s chair “open wide”








‘How healthy are your teeth?’










Looking at our skeletons as we learn about healthy bodies










Mechanics hard at work

Healthy shopping!

Meeting Father Christmas at the end of a perfect day for perfectly behaved Nursery and Lower I children.


A flying start in Lower I

The new school year is off to a flying start!

The new school year is off to a flying start in Lower I











We are beginning to find our favourite areas of the classroom


Here we are flying our flags for European Day of Languages.

Lower I Investigate Dinosaur Footprints

Following Wow Dinosaur Day, Lower I were fortunate in being given an impression of a Megalosaurus footprint by one of our daddies. Through research, we discovered that this was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in Europe and measured about nine metres long and weighed around one ton.

Afterwards, we went outside and compared the size of our feet to the foot of the Megalosaurus and used a variety of measuring tools.



Lower I Perseverance Person of the Week

This clever little girl is Lower I’s perseverance person. She is very creative and loves to use heart shapes in her pictures. Up until recently she had always sought adult support to draw them. However, this week she set her mind to learning how to do it by herself. So she practised, practised and persevered until she could do it. Well done!


Eureka! 2016

As always, our annual EYFS trip to Eureka! Children’s Museum was a great success.

Lower I and Nursery children had tremendous fun exploring the different areas.

During the course of the day we were able to become doctors, dentists and lorry drivers!

Some of us even became rats!











We met Zoom the robot and learned about the names for different teeth.

dscf5910-1024x768 dscf5923-768x1024






The highlight of the trip was visiting Father Christmas and his elves in his winter wonderland grotto.

dscf2960-1024x768 VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W





Happy Christmas everyone!



Lower School Nativity

Year 1 children entertained their audiences with amazing performances of ‘Shine Star, Shine’ this week.

The story tells of how the big star loses his ability to shine, at an extremely crucial historical moment!

The performers were ably assisted in their singing by the Nursery and Lower I children.

More photos from rehearsals can be seen here.

The first part of the play can be seen here.

The second part of the play can be seen here.

Photographing Autumn

The warm autumn sunshine provided a riot of colour as Lower I set out to search for signs of the changing season.

img_1889-683x1024 img_1909-1024x683






Our budding photographers were equipped to take pictures of their findings…

Some of our snaps were spot on…

…whereas others were just…not yet!




Lower I Memory Games

In Lower I this week we have been exercising our brains and boosting our memories by playing games on the Fizz Books. Memory games are helping to lengthen our concentration, increase our focus and giving us a competitive spirit, as we tried to beat our previous score.

If you would like to try, the game can be found here.

Welcome to Lower I

img_1395The children have had a brilliant first week in Lower I. They have adapted well to the new routines and are now happy and ready for learning.

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