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A Woodland Christmas Poem

This lovely poem about Winter has been written by one of our Lower IV children.

A Woodland Christmas

Bulbs and flowers are descending.

The year is slowly surrendering,

Some forest animals sleep and coil

While others to find food toil.


Breezes swirl,

Dormice curl.


Some creatures change their coat to white

To celebrate Christmas during the night.

Robins hop, tree-to-tree

Whilst whistling their tune happily.


Soon the skies become clearer

Spring starts to stalk nearer

And soon flowers ascend

Winter comes to an end.


All the animals awake,

The icy dressing of the lake.

All the animals cheer and smile

‘Til next winter- it will be a while!


Vikings for a day!

Lower IV travelled to Murton Park in York to spend the day living life as new Viking settlers. On arrival, the children (and teachers) were given period costumes to wear and went into role as different members of Viking families. The teachers were given the role of slaves, while the children were the Viking settlers aiming to find work and safety in the Lord’s village. Unfortunately, one of the slaves was badly behaved and ended up in the stocks and received a soaking with water as a punishment!

During the day, the children learned how to guard the village, grind wheat to make flour, collect firewood, and how to make pottery lights. They also successfully defended the village when a Saxon tried to invade. A fantastic time was had by all.

Pond Dipping

A lovely sunny afternoon saw LIV pond dipping in our new pond. We were amazed by the wide range of invertebrates  we found along with a few frogs.

As we expected, we found lots of tadpoles, some of which were just starting to grow their legs. The surprise was that we also found Mayfly and Dragonfly nymphs along with two different species of snails.

All creatures were returned back to the pond unharmed after we had looked at them.

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African Masks

Lower IV have been studying the relevance of the mask in African culture. Some creative mask designs have been drawn in ink and the children are now decorating masks using natural produce.

Lower IV French

April Fools’ Day (le premier avril) had to be celebrated a day early this year because it falls on Saturday. Like children in France, Lower IV children enjoyed trying to pin paper fish onto the backs of unsuspecting friends and teachers. Upon discovery, they shouted ‘Poisson d’avril!’


Lower IV Storytime Buffets

Lower IV have thoroughly enjoyed creating their Storytime buffets in Design Technology. The children have worked collaboratively and some have shown great perseverance. Trying to ensure accurate measuring and straight cutting has proved to be tricky. Super work Lower IV!



2017 Chinese New Year Extravaganza

The Gleddings’ Lower IV and Upper IV children took a journey to Manchester for the annual Chinese New Year Gala Performance organised by Manchester Confucius Institute on 14th February.

The show featured something for everyone – from graceful Chinese dancing, amazing acrobatics, contortion acts, breathtaking feet-juggling, mysterious ‘face-changing’ magic act presented by Chengdu Culture and Arts Delegation from China, to highly impressive martial art performances from Jinlong Martial Arts Academy from Stockport. Some of the children were lucky enough to be invited to try the handkerchief spinning trick and have a go with the diabolo.

This is the first year that local school children have also been invited to take part in the gala performance. Lower IV children sang the Mandarin song你好,你好,这是我! (Hello! Hello! This is Me) in front of an audience of 600 people. They did a fantastic job and they received a lot of praise from teachers of other schools.

Budding Journalists in Lower IV

In Lower IV we have been learning about the features of a newspaper article, and how to encourage the reader to read on. We have written our own article using the success criteria that we created as a class. We edited our partner’s work, assessing their success against this criteria. With ambition (to improve our draft) and perseverance, we have created a newspaper article of which we are very proud.

Researching the UK’s Cities

Lower IV have been assigned a different UK city each to create an informative poster about.  Some of the fantastic fact-filled items can be seen below.

Changing States in Lower IV

LIV have been learning about the change of state from solid to liquid and from liquid to gas.  They know that solids have to melt to become liquid and boil to become a gas.

Today we looked at the water cycle and made a water cycle in a bag.  These are now on the classroom window so we can see evaporation and condensation actually happening.

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