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Middle IV Chinese Dance workshop

Middle IV children were lucky enough to be involved in a Chinese dance workshop with Miss Lu from Arts of China on 13th November. She did a delightful demonstration for the children and they enjoyed her performance immensely.

After that, the children were invited to take part in a warm up session.  Finally, they learned some basic steps and elegant movements for the colourful Peacock Fan Dance under Miss Lu’s guidance.

Middle IV children have learned that Chinese dance has a long history. It combines martial arts, Chinese classical dance, Chinese opera and Western ballet.  They have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience.


The National Day of the People’s Republic of China and the Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

This week in China, Chinese people are enjoying a special week long holiday for the National Day on 1st October and the Mid-Autumn Festival on 4th October. Upper IV children have been learning about these two important dates.

This year is the 68th birthday of modern day China. Important public squares and streets of Beijing have been decorated with flowers. National flags are raised on many buildings. Small flags are also being distributed to the general public on this important day.

The children also watched a short clip about the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival; a special occasion for family reunions. It is often celebrated by admiring the Mid-Autumn full moon, sharing mooncakes (which symbolise unity) and displaying colourful lanterns. Upper IV children particularly enjoyed watching Chinese children carrying a variety of delightful lanterns for the lanterns parade.


The national flag of China is also known as the ‘Five Stars Red Flag’.







Here is a variety of mooncakes.

Nursery Chinese New Year

Nursery children are developing their fine motor skills through the Physical Development Programme of Learning.

Chinese New Year activities gave lots of opportunities to practise these skills:

Cutting and threading to make Chinese lanterns

The finished result!

Yummy Chinese food – Tricky chopsticks!


2017 Chinese New Year Extravaganza

The Gleddings’ Lower IV and Upper IV children took a journey to Manchester for the annual Chinese New Year Gala Performance organised by Manchester Confucius Institute on 14th February.

The show featured something for everyone – from graceful Chinese dancing, amazing acrobatics, contortion acts, breathtaking feet-juggling, mysterious ‘face-changing’ magic act presented by Chengdu Culture and Arts Delegation from China, to highly impressive martial art performances from Jinlong Martial Arts Academy from Stockport. Some of the children were lucky enough to be invited to try the handkerchief spinning trick and have a go with the diabolo.

This is the first year that local school children have also been invited to take part in the gala performance. Lower IV children sang the Mandarin song你好,你好,这是我! (Hello! Hello! This is Me) in front of an audience of 600 people. They did a fantastic job and they received a lot of praise from teachers of other schools.

UIV Paper-cutting Workshop

Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival (Chūnjíe / 春节). Traditionally, the festival lasts for fifteen days. This year is the year of the Rooster.

On 30th January, we were delighted to welcome Miss Wang from the Manchester Confucius Institute into Upper IV for a Chinese New Year paper-cutting workshop. The children were first introduced to a variety of traditional paper-cutting designs of people, flowers, birds or animals on special red paper. Then, they had a go with a simple panda design and a 3-Dimensional Chinese character– Spring.


Chinese Dance

On Monday, 14th November, children from MIV had the opportunity to learn different styles of Chinese dance as part of their dance unit in their P.E. lesson.

Miss Yajie Li from the Manchester Confucius Institute showed the children some basic steps and movements from the Xinjiang Province. Then, the children learned some handy tricks for the Hàn(汉) Chinese Scarves dance. Finally, they took part in the elegant Dăi(傣)Tribe Peacock dance.


How are you? 你好吗?(nĭ hăo ma?)

Please click on the links below to watch our Mandarin speakers from Form II, Form III and Lower IV demonstrating their language skills with great confidence.

Watch here

Mid-Autumn Festival

UIV have been learning about the traditions and culture surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date.

The children have learned that Chinese family members and friends gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest full moon during this festive night. They eat mooncakes accompanied by Chinese tea and the mooncakes’ duck egg yolk filling symbolising the full moon. UIV children also watched clips of Chinese children carrying brightly lit colourful lanterns on this special night.





A mooncake tin with traditional picture.










Close-up of the mooncake.










The duck egg yolk filling symbolises the full moon.


The European Day of Languages

On 27th September, we enjoyed our annual celebration of the European Day of Languages.

In a special assembly, we learned about language families and looked at similarities between French and Spanish (both Romance languages which developed from Latin- the language spoken by the Romans); and between the Germanic languages of German and English.

We also had some fun learning a French playground game which we were later able to play outside.

During the day, we found odd moments to learn about other countries and snippets of other languages. And, as usual, our wonderful kitchen team treated us to continental delicacies for snacks and lunch.

Morning assembly




Der Schokoladen kuchen ist lecker! (German chocolate cake is delicious! )



French playground games

Miam Miam! Yummy biscuits!



Lots of Middle IV children were amongst those with the curiosity and perseverance to discover all about other European countries.

Meet our Panda Friends

Form I children were delighted to be able to meet some of our panda friends. They have learned that pandas can only be found in China and their favourite food is bamboo. They also watched some video clips featuring some star pandas from a panda sanctuary in Chengdu, China.




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