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Lower School Nativity

Year 1 children entertained their audiences with amazing performances of ‘The Bossy King’ this week.

The story tells of  a bossy king’s journey to Bethlehem to meet a new and very special king.

The performers were ably assisted in their singing by the Nursery and Lower I children.

More photos can be seen here.

The first part of the play can be seen here:

The second part of the play can be seen here:

Cross Country

The Gleddings School Cross Country team gained second place in the Sowerby Bridge School Cross Country Competition.

Wow! History – The Romans

On Tuesday we were overwhelmed by Italian invaders as the school went Roman for this year’s Wow! History day.  We were joined by experts from Hands on History, The Danelaw Living History Museum and the Batavian Roman Enactment Group who really made the period come alive with their many fascinating artefacts and Apollo the horse!

The focus of the day was life in Britain under the Romans.  The children explored the dramatic changes in lifestyle of even the lowliest of citizens, after the arrival of the Roman legions.  They had the opportunity to handle real Roman objects and consider historical evidence underpinning our knowledge of the Romans.  As well as these activities the children made Roman coins and mosaics, took part in a drumming workshop, played Roman boardgames  and fought a water bomb battle at Hadrian’s wall!

Form 2 French – Have-a-go heroes

Form 2 children are enjoying their first French lessons. They know that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes when you are learning foreign languages, and they are getting used to taking a risk and being ‘have a go’ heroes!


You Choose Winners – 11.07.17

This week’s winner is the Green team.

This year’s winner is the Blue team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Dougal Greenhalgh-Brook

You Choose Winners:

LI – Pranav Chandramouli

FI – Ethan Murphy (6)

FII – Claudia Grogan (5)

FIII – Annabel Smith (11)

LIV – Olivia Falkingbridge (9), Charlotte Davies (14)

MIV – Shriya Sharma (14)

UIV – Claudia O’Connor (8)

Perseverance People:

LI – Lottie Spencer

FI – Saskia Halliday

FII – Aadarsh Dinesh

FIII – Hartley Earl

LIV – Louis Noel

MIV – Zainab Chaudhry

UIV – Ava Hickman

Musician of the Week:

Evie Marsden

English Champions of the Week:

Hartley Earl and Danny-Lee Mitchell-Brunt

Sports Person of the Week:

Madeline Grogan

Kindness Cup:

Isabella Smith, Molly Smith, Hettie Smith and Sophie Spencer

We Knew You Could Do It:

Laurence Trevor

Top Teams:

Gymnastics Team and Tennis team

School Council Award:

Liberty Highley-Hammond

A Busy Fortnight in Upper IV

Upper IV have had two extremely busy weeks back at school since half term.

On the first Monday back, they learned all about small business and commerce on Enterprise Day. In groups, the children were charged with setting up and running an ice cream empire. They had to consider products, ordering, promotion and finances.

The children then also got to spend a day in the workplace. This provided them with an excellent insight into the skills needed to be a professional. Farms, factories, hospitals and schools were just some of the places our children visited.

These skills then came in very useful when the children got the opportunity to set up and run their own enterprise stalls. They had a wonderful time and did a great job with spin the wheel, tombola, roulette and name the teddy to mention to just a few. We certainly have entrepreneurial spirit this year by the bucket load!







To cope with all of this stress and strain, the children have also attended a first aid course. They were taught the basics of what to do in the event of choking, bleeding or an instance where CPR was required.

In and amongst all of this, the children have been preparing their assemblies, rehearsing for the leavers’ service, creating fit for life scrap books and taking part in sessions on the Life Bus. We’ll all need a holiday to recover by the end of term!

La Semaine de Berthe

On Thursday , Form III children entertained their families with a musical production, entirely in French, entitled ‘La Semaine de Berthe’. It told the story of a very unusual witch with a very busy schedule, including disco dancing and playing rugby!





You can watch the play here.

WOW Roald Dahl Day

In September it would have been Roald Dahl’s hundredth birthday, and to celebrate school devoted a whole day to the author.  Each class was allocated one of his books which their day’s activities were centred around.  Children and staff dressed as their favourite characters,  and we took part in workshops and games relating to his life and works.  In the afternoon children from each colour team competed in our annual Spellathon, which this year featured some of Mr Dahl’s own imaginative words!  Throughout the day everyone was kept well fed by Chef Lizzie’s everlasting  array of treats worthy of Willy Wonka himself!

You Choose Winners – 04.05.17

This week’s winner is the Green team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

India Ramana

You Choose Winners:

LI – Lottie Chhabra

FI – Hara Ramana (7)

FII – Aadarsh Dinesh (10)

FIII – Murray Wood & Beatrice Pedley (18)

LIV – Jai Thorne (9)

MIV – Olivia Ackroyd (7) BANKING – Grace Gan (9) – Bronze Award

UIV – Liberty Highley-Hammond (14)

Perseverance People:

LI – Oliver Woodhouse

FI – Harriet Oaten

FII – Ayaan Akram

FIII – Danny-Lee Mitchell-Brunt

LIV – Daniel Smith

MIV – Mia Clegg-Ingram

UIV – Joseph Sykes

Musician of the Week:

Daniel Yung

English Champions:

Mia Clegg-Ingram and Rocco de Vittoris

Kindness Cup:

George Wilkinson

We Knew You Could Do It:

Isabella Smith

Sports Person of the Week:

Joseph Sykes

Top Teams:

Netball Teams

School Council are ready for summer. Are you?

School council have been discussing the importance of being prepared for summer with sunhats, sun screen and a ready supply of water.

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