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Carol Singing at Lloyds Banking Group Head Office

On Thursday 14th December, a group of Upper and Middle IV children headed down the hill to Copley Data Centre to sing for the staff of Lloyds Bank. Teaming up with the musical talent of Ravenscliffe School, the children performed a number of Christmas favourites.   Our children then went on to a second performance in the Trinity Road Head Office building.

Star Centre Visit

This year UIV spent the entire day at the Star Centre. The morning was spent learning about our Solar System.  After a short lecture we split into two teams, which the children decided to call Andromeda and Milky Way.  Each team spent time in the 360o cinema experience and completed a series of challenges in Mission Control.  Both teams worked extremely well to ensure that every member of the team reached level 5 by sharing the information they found.







After lunch we had an exciting time learning about how laser and 3D printers are being used. We printed a 3D robot and watched the laser cutter engrave and cut out a key ring.

Each team also spent time, in space suits, on the surface of Mars catching aliens.

The children also had the opportunity to operate a variety of robots.

The National Day of the People’s Republic of China and the Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

This week in China, Chinese people are enjoying a special week long holiday for the National Day on 1st October and the Mid-Autumn Festival on 4th October. Upper IV children have been learning about these two important dates.

This year is the 68th birthday of modern day China. Important public squares and streets of Beijing have been decorated with flowers. National flags are raised on many buildings. Small flags are also being distributed to the general public on this important day.

The children also watched a short clip about the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival; a special occasion for family reunions. It is often celebrated by admiring the Mid-Autumn full moon, sharing mooncakes (which symbolise unity) and displaying colourful lanterns. Upper IV children particularly enjoyed watching Chinese children carrying a variety of delightful lanterns for the lanterns parade.


The national flag of China is also known as the ‘Five Stars Red Flag’.







Here is a variety of mooncakes.

Leavers’ Service 2017

On Thursday we said goodbye to our current Upper IV children at St Jude’s church.  It was a beautiful service of memories and music which gave the children the chance to bid farewell to their buddies.  After the service they returned to school with their families for a party with traditional last-day activities such as sliding (safely!) down the bannister and meeting the Gleddings ghost in the cellar!

First part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
Just a Single Voice
The Me Me You You Song
Build it High

Second part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
True Colours

Third part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
Follow Your Dreams
Try Your Best

Fourth part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
When You Believe
Go The Distance
O’er the Sea to Skye

Fifth part of the 2017 Leavers’ Service, featuring:
You Raise Me Up

Further photographs can be seen here.

Upper IV Flying Lesson

On Friday UIV, accompanied by Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gravenor and Miss Capone, visited iFLY at Trafford Park.

We were told how the tower produces the wind speed and smooth air flow necessary for the freefall experience. Professor iFly was very impressed with the scientific knowledge of the children when they could explain about air resistance and surface area along with knowing the difference between mass and weight.  In small groups we designed and built our own wind-powered vehicles.

The best part of the trip was our flight in the tower. The instructors made sure that we all managed to achieve a good position in the air flow and some of opted to be taken right to the top of the tower at the end of the session.

This has to be the best science lesson ever!

Upper IV’s Fit for Life Programme

The Upper IV children had another eventful week during the latest part of the Fit for Life programme.

On Monday, the first group delivered a fantastic whole school assembly on the theme of ‘British Values’. This was accompanied by the national anthem played live on the piano by one very talented young musician!


Following the hectic sports day on Tuesday, the class headed for the more serene surroundings of Halifax Town Hall on Wednesday. They learned about the history of this wonderful building. They also had a chance to sit in the Mayor’s chair.


On Friday, they travelled to Manchester to iFly to experience indoor skydiving.


A Busy Fortnight in Upper IV

Upper IV have had two extremely busy weeks back at school since half term.

On the first Monday back, they learned all about small business and commerce on Enterprise Day. In groups, the children were charged with setting up and running an ice cream empire. They had to consider products, ordering, promotion and finances.

The children then also got to spend a day in the workplace. This provided them with an excellent insight into the skills needed to be a professional. Farms, factories, hospitals and schools were just some of the places our children visited.

These skills then came in very useful when the children got the opportunity to set up and run their own enterprise stalls. They had a wonderful time and did a great job with spin the wheel, tombola, roulette and name the teddy to mention to just a few. We certainly have entrepreneurial spirit this year by the bucket load!







To cope with all of this stress and strain, the children have also attended a first aid course. They were taught the basics of what to do in the event of choking, bleeding or an instance where CPR was required.

In and amongst all of this, the children have been preparing their assemblies, rehearsing for the leavers’ service, creating fit for life scrap books and taking part in sessions on the Life Bus. We’ll all need a holiday to recover by the end of term!

UIV 2017 Dobroyd Residential

This year’s Upper IV recently spent three fantastic days at Dobroyd Castle in Todmorden.


The children took part in a wide range of activities, indoor and out, with the aim to push themselves and try things they’d never tried before.


The weather forecast was grim, but fortunately the climate was kinder than predicted. The children had a great time raft building for their first activity. By the end of the session, virtually everyone was soaked to the skin!

They went on to experience climbing, canoeing, caving, crate challenging and avoiding the famous Dobroyd piranha, just to name a few of the activities.

Enjoy the photographs!

Wacky Racers

It was time to test drive UIV’s finished Wacky Races cars! Nursery and Form III children were great spectators and cheered the racers on enthusiastically

Netball Competition

Two teams entered the Sowerby Bridge Schools netball tournament this morning.  Both teams did very well, with the A Team winning the whole competition.  Well done to all!


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