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Middle IV Chinese Dance workshop

Middle IV children were lucky enough to be involved in a Chinese dance workshop with Miss Lu from Arts of China on 13th November. She did a delightful demonstration for the children and they enjoyed her performance immensely.

After that, the children were invited to take part in a warm up session.  Finally, they learned some basic steps and elegant movements for the colourful Peacock Fan Dance under Miss Lu’s guidance.

Middle IV children have learned that Chinese dance has a long history. It combines martial arts, Chinese classical dance, Chinese opera and Western ballet.  They have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience.


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Bagshaw Museum Trip

This week Form III spent the day learning all about the Ancient Egyptians at Bagshaw museum. They became archaeologists discovering artefacts to identify their owner’s occupation; examined genuine ancient artefacts; took part in a mummification workshop and made their own cartouches on papyrus. They even saw a real mummified hand! All in all it was an action-packed and informative day for both children and staff.


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Cross Country

The Gleddings School Cross Country team gained second place in the Sowerby Bridge School Cross Country Competition.

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Form III Science

In Form III we have been investigating rocks. Finding out about how different types of rock are made and how rocks are changed and recycled in the rock cycle.  We saw how soil was made from humus and tiny fragments of rock, and planned a soil investigation.

Examining rocks and soil.

We melted different types of chocolate chips to demonstrate igneous rock formation and the children had fun making sedimentary sandwiches!

Each filling represented a different layer in our rock.

Investigating which soil drained the quickest.

Finally we examined some fossils, learned about how fossils can be made and what we can learn from them.




“Bugs in Amber.”




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Form II Science

We have been learning about and investigating habitats. We were able to take advantage of good weather to investigate our pond, flower bed and woodpile habitats.

What can we find?

Recording our observations.

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Form I Science

We have been busy comparing our bodies and investigating our senses.








By making careful observations and comparisons, we found out that brown was the most common hair colour whilst red was the least common. Green was the least common eye colour whilst brown was the most common.  We found that the tallest child also had the largest hands!

We used two pencils to investigate why two eyes are better than one.

This task was definitely easier with both eyes open!








We heard plenty of different sounds on our sound walk around the school grounds. We tried to predict what types of vehicles were moving past school from the sounds they made.

The children had fun completing the taste challenge! Syrup, honey, milk and crisps were popular but marmite and mustard less so.


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The children are enjoying their cookery lessons. In Form III and LIV they are learning to weigh and measure carefully, basic knife and baking skills and where some foods come from and how they are produced.  In Middle IV and Upper IV these skills are built upon and expanded.

Hedgehog potatoes

Starting to use our knife skills.

Starting to knead.


Our knife skills are improving.

These kebabs look delicious.

Practising our knife skills.








Trying to cut Juilienne.

Making wholemeal bread.

We used our bread to make a healthy lunch.


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You Choose Winners – 09.11.17

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Archie Chhabra

You Choose Winners :

LI – Beatrice Cockroft

FI – Harrison Heaton (8)

FII – Charlie Anderson (7)

FIII – Charlotte Robinson (14)

LIV – Sahil Hanif & Is-haaq Azeb (11)

MIV – Ranulph Hawes (12)

UIV – Luke Ackroyd (11)

Perseverance People:

LI – Yusuf Akram

FI – Sonam Shergill

FII – Norman Hitchen

FIII – Harry Egan-Brook

LIV – Beatrice Pedley

MIV – Charlotte Davies

UIV – Rocco De Vittoris

Musician of the Week:

Aadarsh Dinesh

English Champion of the Week:

Isabelle Weekes

Kindness Cup:

Olivia Ackroyd and Mia Clegg-Ingram




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Autumn Music Recital

Children from Form I upwards entertained their families on Tuesday evening in an informal recital at school.  Many of the children are working towards their next music grade and took the opportunity to perform their exam pieces.

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An Important Visitor

We were very lucky to have a return visit from Glenda Shaw, the great niece of Percy who is the famous inventor of cats’ eyes.







We learned all about cats’ eyes and Glenda showed us how the eyes ‘blink’ to keep them clean.







We learned how they are made and we were surprised at how small they looked when not in their casing. The first ‘eye’ is an original ‘cats’ eye’. Over the years they have improved and are now made of glass and plastic.

I spy with my little eye….

Percy was awarded an OBE for services to exports in 1965. His world famous invention has inspired this little boy to receive his very own OBE one day in the future.

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