At The Gleddings we place strong emphasis on promoting the children’s literacy skills as they are the key to developing and applying their knowledge and understanding across all the other subjects of the curriculum.

Each class, from Year 1 upwards, has at least an hour-long English lesson per day in which children are engaged in a variety of interesting and lively activities which help them to gain a sound grasp of the intricacies of the English Language.

Most children reach very high standards in reading due to the high level of individual attention they receive. We encourage children to develop a love of books, enjoy reading and recognise that they are a valuable source of information.

Children are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills, both within the classroom and in whole school situations.

Great emphasis is also placed on developing the children’s ability to write in a range of formats using good handwriting, grammar and spelling. Children have good opportunities to write for different purposes, such as journals, plays and letters and to use their imagination in creative story writing and poetry.