Special Visitors in Form I

Form I had some very special visitors to their classroom. The children are learning about nocturnal animals, with a focus on owls. We met Candy, an eagle owl. We learnt that she is crepuscular, which means she comes out at dawn and dusk to feed and that is why she has bright orange eyes. Her wing span is as long as the children’s arms. We were fascinated with her feathery feet and long, sharp talons.

We learnt about nocturnal, crepuscular and diurnal birds and the differences between the owls which came to visit us. Chris gave us some pellets which the owls had regurgitated and we were able to look at them under a microscope in our science lesson. We could see long bones and even a skull from a mouse or a vole!

This is Bubbles. She was very calm and let us handle her. She made us laugh when she just stared into our eyes!




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