You Choose Winners - 10.07.18

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.
This year’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Archie Chhabra

You Choose Winners:

LI – Olivia Pitchforth
FI – William Norton (8)
FII – Ethan Murphy (9)
FIII – Isabella Smith (14)
LIV – Philippa Young (7)
MIV – Neel Nair (8)
UIV – Margi Javle (8)

Perseverance People:

LI – Oliver Spencer
FI – Harrison Heaton
FII – Saskia Halliday
FIII – Felicity Norton
LIV – Holly O’Connor
MIV – Marcel Robinson
UIV – Dominic Brierley

Sports People of the Week:

Olivia Ackroyd, Madeline Grogan, Mia Clegg-Ingram, Emilia Devoti, Shriya Sharma

Top Team:

Key Steps Gymnastics Team

Musician of the Week:

Autumn Hitchen

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