About The Gleddings

About The Gleddings

At The Gleddings we recognise and celebrate each child as special. We have the highest possible expectations (academically and socially) of ourselves and our children.

Established for more than 60 years, the school is co-educational with around 200 pupils. The age range is 3-11 years. Parents generally enrol their children before they are born.

We develop self discipline, self respect and confidence within The Gleddings unique “YOU CHOOSE” ethos. We encourage children to “THINK” and to learn how to learn. Our children enjoy coming to school and it is their love of learning that is the main contributor to their many successes.

Our academic results speak for themselves, but we aim to deliver for much more. We teach our children to be independent thinkers so that we will create problem solvers and decision makers. More importantly, we teach them to make good choices, not only in terms of achievement but also to ensure their health, safety, well being and contribute to society, now and in the future. Wherever they go throughout school, children see the reminders “THINK” and “YOU CHOOSE”.

We create an environment that is welcoming and caring, fair and just and which prepares children for the demands of adulthood and employment in the wider world. We respect each child’s individuality and we tailor our teaching to meet their specific learning needs. To ensure that every child is a learner, children learn in one-to-one, small group, large group, whole class and whole school situations according to their specific needs in different areas of their learning.

Children at The Gleddings come to school with a wide range of abilities. The school is non selective (most pupils are enrolled before birth) and all pupils achieve highly in relation to their attainment on entry. This is reflected in the test successes of our 11-year olds, year on year, in the 11+ examinations for the local Grammar Schools and the award of the Sunday Times Parent Power Prep School of the Year 2017.

We focus on the teaching and learning of basic knowledge and skill and we are committed to the teaching of good grammar, spelling and the understanding and application of mathematics. We do recognise the importance of technology by embedding  IT skills in to all of our curriculum. In addition to French, from the age of 6 and Latin in Year 6, the award of Confucius Classroom status has meant that pupils, parents, other schools and businesses learn Mandarin at The Gleddings.

At least termly, we suspend the timetable and consolidate learning by holding whole school WOW Days where children re enact historic battles, engage in forensic science, build Stonehenge, launch rockets in to outer space, walk with dinosaurs and much, much more. Days that the children will never forget.

Extended school days and holiday schools provide the opportunity to offer many extra curricular activities across a wide range of sports, pottery, textiles, cookery, dance, drama and computing. Pupils learn to play musical instruments and children, past pupils and parents receive brass, woodwind, percussion, string, voice and music technology tuition from talented musicians.

We believe that an education that is filled with fun and laughter and which engages hearts, as well as minds, will create life-long learners. When they leave us, our 11 year olds are ‘can do’ young people. They have both the confidence and skills to become whatever they choose to be, whilst at the same time, possessing ‘otherness’ – the essential understanding of their responsibility for other people.