School Policies

The Gleddings aims recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. We aim to provide a safe and caring environment for children to learn and to become as academically, emotionally and socially successful as they can possibly be.

We emphasise thinking skills and we encourage good choices, both of which will ensure the wellbeing and safety of our children, now and in the future. We will:

  • Develop self-discipline, self-respect and confidence within The Gleddings' unique “YOU CHOOSE” ethos.
  • Instil higher order thinking, knowledge, skills, independence and a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Maximise every learning opportunity to provide ALL children with equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum which caters for their individual needs and abilities.
  • Encourage children to THINK! And to express themselves in a variety of ways.
  • Have the highest possible expectations of ourselves and our children.
  • Achieve high standards in work and behaviour.
  • Involve parents and the community in the life of the school to establish the closest of partnerships and honest and open dialogue.
  • Nurture the moral, social, spiritual, cultural, intellectual and physical development of each child.
  • Encourage harmonious relationships and tolerance of each other (regardless of class, creed, gender, colour or culture) within our DIFFERENT IS GOOD ethos.
  • Prepare children for adulthood, to become LIFE LONG LEARNERS and responsible members of society.

Our aims continue to be our starting point in our plans for improvement. They are evident in everything that we do and we measure ourselves against each of them as we monitor every part of our provision. Our children are reminded to think and make good choices in their work, play, interaction with each other and in their developing roles and responsibilities as members of their family, the school and the wider community. We strive to make our children happy and successful learners for the benefit of themselves and others.

The School has a Complaints Policy which is shown below, if any parents wish to enquire about the number of formal complaints the School has received in the past 12 months, they should contact the Headteacher via the School Office, who will be able to provide this information.