Wow! History Day - The Egyptians

On Tuesday the whole school took part in our annual WOW! History day, with this year’s focus being on the Egyptians.  Lower School took part in archaeology workshops with Jeffrey Andrews and learned about Egyptian life and games with Liz Scott. Story teller Ursula Holden Gill  entertained them with tales drawn from Egyptian legend. Upper School worked with Ian Morris from Portals to the Past  – the morning saw them investigate the Egyptians in detail with a range of genuine artefacts and in the afternoon they took part in a re-enactment of the mummification of a pharaoh!

Everyone  dressed as Egyptians, with some particularly outstanding homemade origami helmets and masks this year! The children feasted on Egyptian-themed food, including some amazing pyramid cakes from  Chef Lizzie.  The weather didn’t stop the children from enjoying the day, and they were even able to construct a slightly smaller than planned pyramid from recycled boxes under shelter.

The day ended with the Upper IV children playing the part of the Egyptians defending themselves from the Hittite invaders as they re-enacted the battle of Kadesh, although the only weapons in use were waterbombs!  A link to more pictures can be found at the bottom of the post.

More photographs can be seen here:

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