You Choose Winners - 16.05.19

This week’s winner is the Yellow team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Louie Hall

You Choose Winners:

LI – Ja’far Naqvi
FI – Anvi Sharma (7)
FII – Georgia Wheelwright & Pranav Chandramouli (8)
FIII – Sophie Spencer (12)
LIV – Thomas Humphreys (11)
MIV – Beatrice Pedley
UIV – Oliver O’Connor (6)

Perseverance People:

LI – Charlotte Smith
FI – Matthew Pye
FII – Isabelle Weekes
FIII – Grace Brady
LIV – Darcy Farnell
MIV – Danny Lee Mitchell Brunt
UIV – Isabelle Hancox

We Knew You Could Do It:

Grace Brady

School Council Award: 

Thank you! Mrs Davies & Mrs Norton

English Champion of the Week:

Claudia Grogan

Top Team:

LIV Tennis Team

Musician of the Week:

Isabelle Hancox

Sports Person:

Tristan Beaumont

Knife and Fork Champion:

Ibrahim Fazlee

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