Weekly Assembly Winners - 19.9.19

This week’s winner is the Blue team.

Nursery Person of the Week:

Rex Gill

You Choose Winners:

LI – Fred Howarth
FI – Joshua Denton
FII – Olivia Pitchforth (12)
FIII – Ava Melnyk (11)
LIV – Saskia Halliday
MIV – Molly Smith (11)
UIV – Abdullah Raqib

Perseverance People:

LI – Lily May Varley
FI – Georgina Hallam
FII – Inaya Fazlee
FIII – Harrison Heaton
LIV – Evie Marsden
MIV – Claudia Grogan
UIV – Hartley Earl

We Knew You Could Do It:

Hartley Earl

Kindness Cup:

Isaac E Glynne

Sports People of the Week:

Sports Captains

Musician of the Week:

Brooke Cornell

Knife and Fork Champion:

Mia Ramana

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